You've Only Been in Hutto for A Year and a Half...

My husband and I chose to move to Hutto for a number of exciting reasons, but it wasn't until we moved in that we began to understand the depth of the complex issues surrounding city hall. With a background in legislative policymaking, marketing, and development, I wanted to jump in immediately to help Hutto be its best. In this past year and a half of getting to know the community, I've met one-on-one with local leaders and business owners, was elected vice president to our neighborhood HOA board, was nominated to serve on two commissions, and have strived to not only attend every city council meetings in-person or online but also participate during public comment when necessary.


I am well-versed in our devastating Hutto water situation, the development history of Perfect Game, previous council and city manager issues, bonds and eminent domain decisions, lay-offs of city staff and the NDAs that accompanied them, and so much more. I gained this knowledge from listening to those that were here before me and asking continually asking questions to further my understanding. Even though I lived and worked in Central Austin for 12 years, I feel that I know Hutto much better in many ways. 

I plan to bring my substantial knowledge of local leadership, development, marketing, and relationship-building to the city council and will continue the established efforts towards complete transparency in our city decisions. This is an incredible community and I hope to serve y'all soon.

What Do You Uniquely Bring to Hutto?

In the past 10 years I have built and cultivated working relationships with community leaders and business owners in Plugerville, Taylor, Austin, Kyle, Buda, ​Cedar Park, Leander, Georgetown, Round Rock, Rockwall, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Laredo, and Houston. During these years, I gained significant experience creating coalitions of like-minded individuals working together to grow their communities or message beyond their immediate circle. I pride myself on my ability to bridge the gap connecting people, places, ideas, and missions to connections I've made through previous experiences. Often, this leads to idea sharing, revenue growing, problem-solving, and ultimately creates a greater sense of community. 

I have no hesitation in picking up the phone and calling whomever to find the experts or decision makers and creating meaningful connections however possible. The best way to do this is simply to say hi and start a conversation. I strongly believe that the job of a city council person should not be to simply act as a steward who checks the boxes and sits on the dais. Our job should be an active and almost entrepreneurial one that consists of us getting in our car or making the calls to create working partnerships wherever they may be found. Relationship building is also important here at home. I will strive to ensure the citizens of Hutto have every opportunity to be involved in how their city is managed. With an entrepreneurial passion and skill at being a people connecter, I know I can provide Hutto a resourcefulness and energy we dearly need.