Your Voice Matters - City Council Meeting Thurs. 12/17 @ 7pm

Public Comment is your opportunity to address your City of Hutto elected officials directly about issues that are important to you and your community. Whether you comment online, address City Council in-person, or choose to submit a comment virtually, your voice is important and will be heard. Anyone can comment.

I've made an effort to speak multiple times at the podium during council meetings about agenda items and issues I care about as a Hutto citizen. Utilizing these opportunities creates a dialogue and that's the only way our elected officials will know what truly matters in the heart of their constituency. By making public comment and then continuing that dialogue outside of council meetings, I began to see movement on the issues that are important to me. There is a reason why the idiom "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" exists! I hope to see or hear from you this Thursday evening!

12/17/2020 City of Hutto Council Meeting Links

City Council Agenda

City Council Packet

Submit Public Comment (needs to be submitted before 4pm on Thursday)

Watch the City Council Live Stream

Why Comment?!

  • Commenting is an opportunity to influence or change the rule or regulation and make your voice heard.

  • Commenting makes better regulations. Your comments make sure that legal requirements, facts, unintended consequences, or errors are not overlooked.

  • Commenting is your chance to point out issues, offer alternatives and substitute language, and help decision-makers identify solutions they may not have initially considered.

  • Commenting is an important way to share your expertise as the issues involved may be complex.

  • Commenting ensures that on-the-ground experiences are taken into account. You may be personally affected by this issue or work with people that are affected. Share this important perspective.

  • Commenting helps decision-makers determine the level of acceptance or resistance in the public. In this way, decision-makers can respond to people’s needs, grievances, and preferences.